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Strenght and stiffness examination of parts and constructions

Executive in 

B Eng Menno Viddeleer 

FEM Engineer

According to the New Regulations 


Description of activities:

Independently and efficiently creation, calculation and interpretation of complex Finite Element Models  to determine the structural integrity of steel constructions. The calculations are mainly focused on linear elastic behavior with sliding contacts between different parts. Plastic behaviour and fatigue calculations are possible. The modeling and calculations are performed on propriety computers-suitable for large FEA models with 24 GB, 96GB and 256 GB of memory and software license.
The work is carried out at the client and from external office location. If planning demands it the work and calculations can be continued even after office hours.

Important priorities;
-active attitude; deliberation with stakeholders, forward thinking about next steps, active consultation on possible improvements of the design
-critical attitude in order to obtain qualitatively correct reproduction of the models​

What I do

Selling Hardware (Computer/ Laptop/ Server) for Calculation Software.


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Sale of Hardware

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